On Adding Slashes To Your Name

It might have been Beyonce I saw in the early noughties (it also might not have been), who I saw on a budget documentary, making her way into another facet of her career, talking excitedly about how she was now able to add ‘slashes’ to her name. She wasn’t just a singer, she was singer[…]

Sharing Assembly

Jelly’s Sharing Assembly

Yesterday I spoke about Jelly’s past with childhood anxiety, and I just wanted to follow up on that a little bit. After writing yesterday’s post, I went to Jelly’s school, and watched her take part in a sharing assembly, which was all about Egyptians. Not only take part, but confidently sing, dance and deliver lines[…]

Childhood Anxiety: Our Experience.

As I look over my laptop I see a happy child. She is smiling and giggling. She’s being loud and obnoxious and in your face. She is just like every other eight year old girl, and that is all we ever wanted. Looking at the title, I’m sure you can guess that things haven’t always[…]


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Step-Parenting

I have been in Jellybean’s life since my 20th birthday (the first picture was taken on the first day we met – the second one was a year later and it’s just an embarrassing coincidence that I’m wearing the same jacket), which was just under half a decade ago. Of course, I was in it[…]


Is it tacky to…?

If you’re planning a wedding and have to ask yourself “would that be tacky?”, the answer is probably yes. But does that mean it’s wrong? Realistically, your family are probably going to be upset by some element of your wedding. You’re going to forget to invite somebody that your great aunt loves. You’re going to[…]


Quick School Run Hairstyles

School mornings are the worst, at least in our house: everybody’s in a daze, forcing them to move more slowly than humanly possible at the one time you need them to hurry the hell up. I know as a Mum I like my children to look smart and presentable but fancy hairstyles are not always[…]


Five Ways to Kick January’s Butt

“Morning. How is your head?” There. Did you see it? That was January. January peering over it’s glasses with a patronising look. January knows what you did last night, probably better than you do. And January knows what you’ve told yourself you’re going to achieve this year. January is laughing. Because let’s face it, with[…]

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