May 18, 2016


Sophie Pink HairWelcome to the hive!

Busy Little Fee is the story of a woman in her 20s battling work, family life and university, interspersed with fashion, mental health, body positivity and fun.

I am a work-at-home Mum doing a full-time History degree, blogging and vlogging our adventures along the way. Follow me for plus size fashion, body positivity, my family’s memories and milestones and dipping our toes into home education.

Busy Little Fee is my space for body positivity, fashion, parenting, lifestyle and anything else that I feel like sharing. I work hard to ensure BLF remains positive and exciting, and that I am an influential and balanced plus size voice. If you enjoy good clothes, the odd bit of politics or hearing about the adventures (and imminent breakdown!) of a work-at-home mother, wife and mature student, then Busy Little Fee is a place for you. Come say hey!

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