I Am Beauty (Evans Campaign)

A funny thing happened this morning. A fellow plus size gal (Paigey Christie who, incidentally, I went on to vote for) asked to be nominated for the #IAmInspiring award from Evans. I commented that I wish I had the confidence to do that. Isn’t that strange? Me, who blogs about body positivity, loving the skin you’re in and throwing caution to the wind at every opportunity. Scared.

Scared of what? Rejection I guess. People laughing at me. A lifetime of voices chirped up in my mind and told me I was kidding myself. I saw a thousand eyerolls as I spotted the #IAmBeauty campaign and briefly considered putting myself forward. And you know what I say to those eyerolls? Fuck you.


#IAmBeauty, because I am the ultimate ‘fuck you’ to beauty conventions; I am the new beautiful. Beautiful no longer means size, it means confidence and shine. I want to be nominated for #IAmBeauty because I am doing this for all the 26+ gals who have been told they have “such a pretty face”. I’m doing this for the babes with rolls on their stomachs who have been told “you’re not fat, you’re gorgeous”. I’m doing this for everybody who wants to prove that fat and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

It is very unlikely that I will get nominated, but I’m putting myself forward to show every plus size lady who is brimming with confidence and style that she deserves the chance to be in with a shot.

I am Busy Little Fee. I am fat. I am fashionable. I am beauty. I am me.

Please nominate me for #IAmBeauty here. Feel free to save and upload the photo above.

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