Our Christmas Day Outfits

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to Christmas. I shop all through the year, I totally endorse gratuitous photo ops and to support my efforts, I legitimately put my family in matching outfits whenever I can. I did an article about perfect Christmas Day dresses from Navabi over on She Might be, because dressing up on Christmas Day is a thing and if you don’t do it then you need to. I thought it’d be fun to share some pictures of what my family is actually going to be wearing this year, where I got it all from and how I decided on the theme.

It all started with a shirt. Michael’s shirt, to be exact. I spotted this adorable little navy Christmas shirt with a red bow tie on it in Tesco and I fell in love. And so it was settled: navy and red was to be our theme. Mikey already owns red shoes (this ADIDAS pair were the first pair of shoes he ever chose himself, back in the summer) and a pair of blue jeans was easy for this smart-casual Christmas Day look. I haven’t bought any jeans because he’s got plenty, so I just threw in a standard image of denim jeans here!


I try to make our themed outfits follow a certain pattern without being too matchy-matchy if that makes sense. Red and navy was a great basis for making up the rest of the outfits. Normally I think of red and gold or red and green for Christmas day, but something about the navy just felt a little bit more classy and grown up. Of course, I don’t believe in ‘classy Christmas’ so I had to do something a little bit corny, and luckily my wonderful husband is all up for Christmas cheese. I got him a smart navy shirt from Bad Rhino, and then looked on eBay and found this hilariously cute waistcoat and a bow tie which somewhat matches Michael’s shirt. He is also just going to wear some jeans he already owns, and a pair of his own shoes – probably his boots from our wedding.


I had a specific kind of look in mind for Paige. She’s not the girliest of girls, but she does love a good dress and there are only so many more years she is actually going to let me dress her up. I got her entire outfit from Monsoon, and even got 25% off the whole order plus free postage, which was great. I also got us these little Crown and Glory headbands so we were like the boys and had something which matched. Her dress reminds me of the kind of thing I used to wear to parties at her age, and the colour just screamed ‘Christmas’ to me.


And finally, there was my outfit. Once I saw Paige’s dress, I wanted to find myself one that was as similar as possible. Of course, being at the top end of plus size made this a hell of a lot harder than it needed to be, because so many brands are so incredibly limited in what they offer. I settled on this sleeveless number from Lovedrobe, which is a dark red and has a lace bust. I like to think of it as the grown-up version of Paige’s dress. I definitely wish I had that deep pink ribbon she has though – I might even go and buy myself one. My look was finished off with a navy lace bolero from Curvissa and of course that adorable holly headband from Crown and Glory. I’ll wear black leggings and socks, and probably won’t even wear shoes because I don’t like to if I don’t have to.


Does your family wear special outfits on Christmas day? Do you go with a theme, or just something a bit fancy?

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