Grunge Galaxy and an Update on Life

I was feeling a little bit grunge when I threw this outfit together, chucking on my new acid wash jeggings from Yours Clothing and my cute little biker boots that I bought on a Facebook selling page a century ago. Yours Clothing are basically my favourite brand for t-shirts because they don’t end halfway down my stomach, and this preppy NY monochrome number was the perfect way to top off the look I was going for.

Galactic Grunge

Fun fact: I realised I was standing in the middle of a cobweb when this picture was taken.


Galactic Grunge

Of course, when you take a closer look you can see I was channelling… Well, the entire galaxy! Keep an eye out on She Might Be over the coming weeks for a little bit more information on the make-up I went with today.

Galactic Grunge

I loved how chill I felt in this outfit. Sure, it’s great to get dolled up, but sometimes I want to grunge down (is it possible to grunge down when you have an entire galaxy on your cheekbone?), be comfy and look awesome. Thank you to Yours Clothing for gifting me with this outfit and giving me an excuse to take the kids out and take a couple of silly pictures.

Galactic Grunge

I’ve been all over the place in the blogging world recently. Over the Summer I picked up an ‘out of the house’ job as well as my work-at-home gig, so I’ve been incredibly busy and the many plans I had have taken a bit of a back burner. I’ve got a couple of exciting things in the pipeline but with my third year of University starting up again in just over a week I am just going to have to accept that things will happen as and when they are ready to.

We had a hard time with Tilly last week, when we were woken in the night to find her having a violent seizure – episode after episode. It was truly terrifying. I called my Mum at 2am in floods of tears, genuinely convinced that we were going to lose her that night. She stayed at the overnight vet on Saturday night (and came back with fleas, not cool) and has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. It’s totally manageable, our local vet felt really positive about her and we may have had one night of light bank balances and heavy hearts, but now our girl is back home and back to normal. Now we just need to conquer our anxiety and stop sleeping in the living room so we can constantly keep an eye on her!


Mental health has also been a bit of a weird one over the Summer. I’ve had some of the worst mental health days of my adult life, quite frankly. I think that really showed in the few times I did check in over here; I’ve struggled with who to trust, who really likes me, who wouldn’t miss me if I was gone. In some instances I have got my answers, in others I have accepted not even caring. I’ve been doing really well at counselling recently – I’m happy, my husband is happy, my therapist is happy. I haven’t really been absent, I’ve been quietly lurking and re-building myself on the days I have needed to.

Watch out, world. I’m back.

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