Our Wedding: Part 2

If you didn’t see our stress-free ‘day 1’ post, click here so you know what I’m talking about!

On Saturday morning, we had to wake up pretty early. Jay had to go back to Milton Keynes, pick Jelly’s best friend up and pick up the few last things. We figured this would take a couple of hours each way, so he left at around 7 in the morning I think, after we had a nice cup of tea from our new Mr & Mrs cups. I went to my Mum’s cottage next door (my family rented all of the holiday homes onsite) and we chatted and looked through the photos from the day before as she got to work making some food for the buffet table later on. I had hired my friend (and second maid-of-honour) Kathy to do my make-up and I got a text from her at about 10am saying she’d arrived, so my Mum and I made our way up to the main house so I could start organising bridesmaids and food up there. All of the decorations were at our holiday home in big, heavy boxes, so they would have to stay there until Jay got back with the car and could take them all up.

When I got up to the house, I started STRESSING. I was concerned that the ceremony would begin at 3 and nothing would be ready. I had lots of lovely family around me who plied me with wine and told me that the wedding being postponed would be fine, because we didn’t have a priest or anything who would be kept waiting – my Mum’s husband was performing our garden ceremony, so we were completely on our own time frame. I had more wine, started to calm down a bit, but I felt pretty anxious as I got no response from Jay, or got texts from him saying he was still in Milton Keynes. I didn’t see how he could get back in time. Nobody let me do anything, which was lovely of them, but also caused stress at the time because I just wanted to get stuck in and get everything done. As friends and family arrived, some of them got to work setting everything up. I had planned the decorations on my own, so when Jay got back and didn’t know the answer to anybody’s questions, I was getting constant calls asking what went where and who was to do what. I just drank more wine and ended up telling everybody on the phone I didn’t care where it went, just put it where it looked nice. Probably my only Bridezilla moment was how stressed I got with the constant phonecalls and texts that day!

Somehow, it all pulled together. I heard Jay’s voice and suddenly my stress melted away. He got to work, my family helped getting the kids ready and preparing all of the food, I got my make-up done and it was time to get into my dress and wait for the moment I was called downstairs because we were all ready to go. I waited inside the patio door with my nearest and dearest, being told that Jay was in position and it was time for me to head over to the garden where our ceremony was about to be held.

As I arrived I heard my Mum say “no, she has no idea yet” and my heart stopped. PANIC. What didn’t I know? What had gone wrong? Everyone just smiled and said don’t worry, everything is fine. My Dad slipped his arm through mine and we started walking down the aisle. And then I saw it.

Standing next to Jay and his two best men, Stacey and Brad, was my Mum’s husband, ready to perform the ceremony. We had told him to wear whatever he felt comfortable wearing, and he did. He was dressed as Batman. Yep. We were married by Batman. It was hilarious and I felt more at ease straight away. We each wrote a set of vows and it was so nerve-wracking having to read a speech infront of everybody, but I felt amazing after I had done it and I’m so glad we decided to write our own. After the ceremony we got our parties together so that anybody who wanted photos could take some (we didn’t hire a photographer, instead my Mum very kindly took our photos for us) and then Stacey and his girlfriend Lisa manned the BBQ for the rest of the day while we ate, drank, laughed, chatted, played lawn games, heard speeches (my brother Hugh gave the BEST speech ever) and had a pretty intense swingball tournament.

Our cake toppers

For all the stress, it was a perfect day and I wish I could go back. I’m pretty sure it was the hottest day of the summer and although about 20 people who said they’d be there didn’t turn up (and I got apologies from about half of them – the others haven’t even congratulated us let alone apologised!) it was actually perfect exactly as it was. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Heather (my Granny), my auntie Kerren, me, Emma (my Mum), my auntie Katy

Getting married by Batman

My two maids of honour, Kathy and Kerren (my auntie)

Instead of confetti we had people blow bubbles over us

My maids of honour and bridesmaids

Jon, Stacey, Hugh, Jay, Brad and Derek (my Dad) – My Dad ended up moving places as Brad gave him a complex being so tall!

Moo wearing Grandad’s Batman suit

Jelly enjoying some of the lawn games

My auntie Katy
The moment I spotted Batman

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