She Might Be

She Might Be is an exciting, fully body positive community and online magazine that is packed with fashion, make up, lifestyle and everything that is relevant to an entire generation of people who want to live life in their own bad-ass way. I’ve been leaving the odd hint and link in the blog for a little while, because I’ve got some pretty exciting news that almost everybody already knows but I felt deserved announcing properly.

I am a main contributor for She Might Be!


It is so awesome to be part of such a positive step forward for the body positive community. So far I have written a couple of posts about fat politics and one about make-up, but the other ladies have covered everything from fashion to blogging to photography to lifestyle and basically everything in between. I have questioned fat-shaming, challenged that terrible ‘all woman’ hashtag and shown you a glittering galaxy upon my pretty little face. Some of my friends have spoken about challenging your own style and body positivity/confidence, what bras you absolutely need in your life, how to treat your skin when it’s feeling sensitive and so so much more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for yet, it’s probably on its way! We update the magazine daily and are always happy to receive some (constructive and relevant) feedback, so please feel free to pipe up and let us know what you’d like to see next. It feels awesome to be able to honestly say that you write for your own favourite magazine. Please head on over and show my girls (especially our boss, Miss Georgina Grogan!) some love and support!


Here are a bunch of us (writers and supporters included) posing together at CFF. If the content alone doesn’t tempt you to come on over and have a gander, just take a look at our readership! So amazing!


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