Simply Summer with Simply Be

When I heard that Simply Be were looking for bloggers to review some clothing, of course I jumped at the chance. Their website was my oyster, and I decided to push my own boundaries. Okay, so I ended up doing a Sophie and going for yet another skater dress, but this time I chose heels because I am fierce and I can handle that shit.

Simply Summer

So it turns out I simply do not have an ounce of ferociousness in my bones, and in the ten minute walk from the car park to our secluded little picnic spot I was howling at James to get these damn photos taken so I could get the shoes the hell off. Apparently I am just not made for heels or something, I don’t know. But I was so disappointed I couldn’t wear them again because hello. Look how amazing they look.

Simply Summer

I didn’t really know what I was going to do with the outfit when it arrived. I picked this gorgeous floral tea dress because I immediately fell in love with the pattern – which I realise I totally failed to capture, because the sun was simply shining too brightly today. Can’t complain though, right? I loved that the dress looked light and fresh for summer, but could also be a perfect dress for Christmas Eve. From a distance I looked like a Christmas napkin. And if you know me, you know that is generally my desired aesthetic any time of the year.

Simply Summer

I went for the blue shoes to highlight the tiny blue flowers on the dress. The hat was an afterthought; when my Simply Be package arrived I got an image in my mind of round glasses and a wide brimmed hat, so in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone I just went for it.

Simply Summer

Sizing wise, I scaled up on both of these items. The shoes needed to be a size 7 to accommodate the width of my hooves, and I decided to size up on the dress because it looked floaty and to me, that needed a bit of baggyness. As it happened, the dress didn’t have a lot of stretch in it so it was basically spot on. The material was soft and so gorgeous, it felt silky smooth and absolutely perfect for such a warm day. We spent the morning on the lakeside eating croissants and speaking to swans (as you do), and if I had brought a pair of sandals with me to change into I honestly would have been ridiculously comfortable all day. As it happens I totally misjudged my own shoe abilities and I’m still picking gravel out of the soles of my feet. But hey. Pain is beauty, right?


I was gifted these items for review, all opinions are my own.
I mean, I complained about the shoes. But that’s totally not their fault. I’m just a bitch.

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