Twenty Seven Before Twenty Seven


I’d say this is a bit of a tradition for me, but apparently last year I didn’t post a 26 before 26. However, every other year I like to sit down and list some goals for myself, and this year was no different. I jotted it all down in my bullet journal (I can share more about that if anybody is interested) and I think, for once, they have almost all been realistic. Except Disneyland, but hey. Spot the obvious error, too! Here is my twenty seven before twenty seven.

27271. Graduate BA History.
2. Complete my dissertation.
3. Learn three new handwriting fonts.
4. Keep up to date with bullet journal.
5. Learn to cook an entire new three-course meal.
6. Get a whole new hairstyle.
7. Buy an oven.
8. Teach Tilly a new trick.
9. Reach 2000 Twitter followers.
10. Reach 100 subs on YouTube.
11. Move house.
12. Enrol Paige in her new secondary school.
13. Begin Michael’s home education.
14. Baby-makin’!!
15. Write a children’s book.
16. Massively reduce clutter.
17. Buy a chest freezer.
18. Read more fiction.
19. Buy the kids Summer clothes.
20. Buy the kids Winter clothes.
21. Make £500 of charitable donations.
22. Earn more money!
23. Tint my goodbye-brows.
24. Go to a medieval banquet.
25. Host an event.
26. Get my butt to Disney World.
27. Own 5 bras which actually fit me.


And there we have it! Of course I have other goals; I’m beginning work on my credit rating, for example, and I want to do a lot more writing both in both my personal and professional lives. But this is what I was left with when I narrowed everything down, and I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Do you make goals like this? What would yours be? 

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