CowCow Review – Unicorns and Rainbows

CowCow have been EVERYWHERE in the plus size blogging world recently. I haven’t seen a lot of straight sized bloggers wearing their designs – probably because there are so many options already available to them, it isn’t a novelty to see cute clothing in a size that fits. But CowCow delivers inclusive sizing in a range of designs from sickeningly sweet to absolutely terrifying – the custom designs are uploaded by users, so there will almost definitely be something that somebody likes. And the best part is that the clothing is usually under (or around) a tenner in price.

Unicorns and Rainbows by CowCow


I was kind of late to jump on the CowCow bandwagon, mostly because the style explosion happened over the Summer, which is the time of year that I am least likely to have disposable income. But also because I try not to buy cheap shit anymore, a la my ‘quality over quantity’ new year’s resolution, so I was kind of sceptical that something so adorable and low-priced could be worth spending my pennies on. And then I saw a dress that included both unicorns and rainbows, and all virtue went to hell.

Unicorns and Rainbows by CowCow

The best part was that when this gorgeous piece of heaven arrived (which took around three weeks), it was a velvet dress. Yup, I look this good and I am smooth to the touch. A lot of CowCow dresses are sleeveless which is great for Summer, but I wanted something I could comfortably wear without a coat or jumper at this time of year, so the sleeve length is perfect. I teamed it up with my trusty ‘heart breaker’ shoes that are in just about every outfit post I do right now, and a sweet little duck egg coloured┬áPunky Pins necklace in the shape of a diamond. I was also feeling absolutely hideous in these pictures as I have been infected with a pretty nasty cold-type-thing (as you can tell from my skin in this photo), but I managed to slap on a smile and pretend I felt okay. The things I do for the sake of unicorns.

A diamond shaped necklace by Punky Pins

The sizing was pretty decent, I think I got a 4 or a 5XL and it clings to me but there is stretch so it could go further without compromising quality. I will definitely buy CowCow dresses again – and no, this post is not sponsored!

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